My Son’s Drawing Attempt


Who says infants can’t draw. My son is now 10 weeks old and has grasped the fact that touching the screen of my Android phone will cause something to happen.

To get his rapidly developing brain going, I showed him how easy drawing with a finger was. He caught on so quickly that he grabbed a corner of my phone and worked a little magic of his own. Hince the picture above.

His work is in the upper right corner and a couple lines below. 🙂

Hidden Sun

I happened to be outside at the right moment when I captured this scene.  Unedited and raw beauty.


Outside My Job


We had some amazing cloud cover today, so I just had to capture it!

Back to Work

I started maternity leave on 8/31/12 and return to work tomorrow.  I will miss being with my little guy, but leaving the house regularly will be a nice change of pace. 

Of course, I will be checking on him constantly and requesting pics throughout each day!  🙂

Next…marathon training again!