Different Angle


On Memorial Day, I spent the day at the National Mall remembering all the fallen and taking pictures. 

Here is a pic I snapped of the Washington Monument.  I wanted to capture it at an irregular angle.  After applying some filters, I was pleased with the result above.

Dusky Beauty


Taking pictures of the sky is a minor hobby of mine, so you can imagine how happy I was to see this beautiful display of hues in the sky yesterday evening.

It took three tries to get what I felt was the perfect shot. 

I Love Food. Period.

Celebrating my birthday always involves eating, drinking, and doing whatever comes to mind. 

Since I love eating sushi, calamari, and drinking sake, I imbibed and enjoyed some delicious Japanese cuisine.  The fish eggs made a great addition.

The rest of the festivities will continue tomorrow with a run and beer reward.  😉


What a Walk!

My speed has fully returned.  It’s been some time since I ‘ve been able to accomplish this. 

I look forward to increasing my walking and running speeds soon. 


Out of the Fog

During my pregnancy with my son last year, I was besieged by “Pregnancy Brain”.  This affliction can be funny and frustrating for most expectant mothers, but it did a number on me! 

I was unable to finish the 6 projects I started during my pregnancy.  Each project showed signs of being started, but none of them were finished.  I could never get past the first three or four rounds due to a severe lack of concentration and I felt horrible.

Now, I can look back and laugh because I managed to complete this throw in one week (with very little down time) between caring for baby, my teen daughter, and husband.

There are no words that can convey the happiness I felt when I crocheted the last stitch.  All I can say is that it was almost the level of happiness I felt when I finished my second marathon.



Now that this major project is done, I can move along as usual without cobwebs hanging around in my head.  The next one has already been started.

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It’s Just Food


I’m sharing this because I went through a lot of trouble to get it and take it to work in the freezer-like temps. The story is too long to write, however, I ended up arriving at work with frozen burgundy fingers. This meal deserves a place on this blog. 🙂

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Gorgeous Sunrise

This was my view upon leaving work one morning.  I love the colors.


Starting a New Blanket

Crocheting is one of my favorite hobbies.  After looking up baby blanket patterns, I found one that caught my eye because of its unique shape.  Once this is completed, my son will have a star shaped blanket that will last for years.  Of course, it won’t be the only one.  :))


Massive Cloud

I saw this one morning and had to capture it.  It was almost perfect how it seemed to slowly pull away and float to a new destination.


A Little Snow


Just some flurries that accumulated in Washington, DC a few days ago.

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